little facts from the story

  • In the dark of the night Batman and his sidekick Robin are walking on  the street
  • Joker jumps out of his trash bin disguise and fights Batman 
  • At the end of the story Clay god and Batman run into a portal which brings them to the Poopooverse  

the fight of the superheros and villains


Batman and Robin are walking the street in the dark of night but then , Joker suddenly jumped out of thin air and lunges at batman.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Robin realizes and hits Joker with his bat.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Joker simply kicked Robin and pushes Batman towards the ground.                                                                                                                                                                                             Batman teleports in front of Joker and throws a batarang and hits Joker in the chest but Joker didn’t know that Robin was behind him and Robin sliced Joker’s stomach. 

  What  both Batman and Robin didn’t know while all of that happened Joker lit some dynamite and threw it at them and it suddenly it exploded.

The Joker got flung back into lava and hangs onto some loose rope. Batman sliced the rope AND JOKER FELL DOWN.

Joker fell but he saw a rope and climbed onto it .

Joker swung up where   Batman wasn’t looking and tried to push him into the lava.

 The Joker was no match for Batman’s strength so Batman pushes Joker back.

Nobody noticed that Joker threw another large stick of dynamite  which knocks Batman farrr back.

Batman is hanging off the building ! Joker runs towards Batman and accidentally flicks some dynamite 

Joker tries to knock Batman into the Lava Void but the dynamite bursts at the last second.

Joker gets knocked back and he pauses for a few seconds and thinks how he would counter Batman’s attacks

Joker rushes at Batman and Batman jumps back and dodges.

Batman throws a Batarang but Joker dodges and then it hits the wall.

Batman punches Joker , Joker blocks his attack and pushers him back.

Batman stabs Joker but Joker recovers quickly.



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